Mr. Phil C. Thomas, M.B.A

Beacon of Hope for the Family

Beacon of Hope for the Family is a unique program designed to help you and your family with personal, career, and educational goals. We help you to become successful through educational and inspirational workshops that focus on developing personal and professional relationships, marital and parenting skills, and individual and family goals. You will be inspired, awakened to a new outlook on life, and empowered to achieve.

A Few Specific Objectives for Participants

  • Educate and empower families
  • Prevent further deterioration of family relationships
  • Identify pitfalls that causes individuals to fail
  • Create realistic and attainable family objectives
  • Increase your self-esteem by refining how you view yourself
  • Help uncover God’s design for marriage and families
  • Acquire financial and budgeting techniques to better manage your resources.

Participants of the Beacon of Hope for the Family, Inc. will be exposed to a variety of topics that are believed to be the pillars of marriage in a workshop setting. During the course of the training, participants will:

  • Identify their skills, abilities, and understand their responsibilities
  • Create a realistic and attainable vision
  • Develop a plan of action (Foundation) to pursue their vision
  • Increase their self-esteem by refining how they view themselves and their marriage
  •  Acquire financial and budgeting techniques to better manage their marital funds
  • Discover resources available to them, which can aid in achieving personal and marital goals
  • Explore the roles of the husband, wife, children, and extended family
  • Discuss the importance of intimacy
  • Assess the structure of marriages from a business analogy (i.e., sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation)
  • Explore and obtain God’s design for individuals, couples, children, marriages, and family relationships

The Hope When it Appears There is No Hope

There are a large number of couples who are faced with the tragic dilemma of pursuing, choosing, or falling into an unfulfilling and unsatisfying relationship in their marriage.  Furthermore, there is an increase in the number of divorces, increase in the rate of single-parent homes, and decrease in the level of successful marriages.  This traumatic experience has decreased these individuals’ (i.e., husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter) willingness to obtain their vision and increased their chances of becoming socially, emotionally, and mentally dysfunctional.
Every family will encounter obstacles; The Beacon of Hope for the Family, Inc. provides the necessary skills to overcome any challenge.  Beacon of Hope for the Family, Inc. will address various areas, which will enable you to have a rock-solid family relationship, filled with blissful moments and memories.
From the first institution ordained, we know that marriage is beautifully design.  Marriages and families on the right foundation will last a life time.
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Provide families with faith-based practical solutions for developing and or improving the skills necessary for daily life

  • To teach life-changing, high quality programs for families
  • To provide skills and techniques that allows families to reach their full potential
  • To transform how individuals in the family perceive themselves and their place in society
  • We are honest
  • We are faith-based
  • We maintain balance in our lives
  • We always present our best effort
  • Couples seeking to marry, already married, and blended families
  • Couples on the brink of a divorce
  • Students, educational institutions, and other faith based agencies