Beacon of Hope for the Family, Inc. is seeking national sponsors to provide vital support to advance the mission of our organization. We also rely on grants, individual donations and fees. Beacon of Hope for the Family, Inc. operates as an independent nonprofit organization.  Beacon of Hope for the Family, Inc. is funded by program fees, individual contributions, corporate support and grants. The program is fee-based, however financial assistance is available to ensure the program is accessible to all who are interested.

Your contributions provide the equipment (i.e., books, CDs, DVDs, training material and other supplies) required to successfully complete our mission.  More than 80 percent of our efforts are delivered through educational and training workshops that depend on generous donations from folks like you.

Your gift helps strengthen marriage relationships by providing support necessary to a team of caring, passionate, experienced trainers who goal is to encourage and assist families obtaining healthy and blossoming relationship.

Much of the individual training depends on regular support from generous donors:

That’s why we appreciate your support — and why we ask you to please prayerfully consider supporting Beacon of hope for the Family, Inc.

Every gift to Beacon of Hope for the Family, Inc. is used wisely and conservatively to help provide families and individuals with training and education needed to better their relationship.  When you give, you help support the variety of workshop and seminars offered to our clients build solid families, stronger communities, a healthy relationship, and a promising future for society.  Also, in your giving we are able to support our radio broadcasting and publications.

Although Beacon of Hope for the Family, Inc. programs and services are not intended to address the very serious issue of domestic abuse or violence, we encourage folks in such relationship or environments to consult the necessary support.  Domestic abuse and violence is a serious matter. If you feel you may be in an abusive or violent relationship, call the Florida Hotline at 800-500-1119 (